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Things to Put on a Social Contract

When it comes to social contracts, there are a few key things that you should always include. A social contract is essentially an agreement between two or more parties that outlines each party`s responsibilities and expectations.

It`s important to have a social contract in place, especially in the world of business and marketing. By having a clear understanding of expectations, everyone involved can work together more effectively and avoid misunderstandings.

Here are some things that every social contract should include:

1. Goals and objectives: Clearly define what you hope to achieve through this social contract. This could include things like increasing website traffic, boosting engagement on social media, or generating more leads.

2. Roles and responsibilities: Identify the specific roles and responsibilities of all parties involved. This could include the individuals responsible for creating content, managing social media accounts, or analyzing data.

3. Timeline: Establish a timeline for when certain tasks and goals should be completed. This will help keep everyone on track and ensure that deadlines are met.

4. Communication plan: Establish a plan for how all parties involved will communicate with each other. This could include weekly meetings, email updates, or regular phone calls.

5. Metrics: Define the metrics that will be used to measure the success of the social contract. This could include things like website traffic, engagement rates, or conversion rates.

6. Budget: Establish a budget for the social contract, including how much money will be allocated for paid advertising and other marketing expenses.

7. Intellectual property: Clarify ownership of any content or intellectual property created as part of the social contract. This is especially important if there are multiple parties involved.

By including these key elements in your social contract, you can ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of expectations and responsibilities. This will help your business or marketing campaign run more smoothly and ultimately lead to more successful outcomes.

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